Monday, March 17, 2008

1st Post off the Ranks

Hi Guys and Dolls,

Having a private blog is great. The freedom to be slightly more honest in your writing without the risk of an ex, your mother in law or your grade four teacher finding you.

The biggest downfall? Your readers have to check in a few times a day or week just to see if you have updated. That's fine if they only read your blog and no-one elses but if they have quite a few, yours will get missed along the way. How do we fix this? You are invited to become a contributer here. Don't stress, it's hardly any work just follow the steps below.

Most bloggers nowadays have all the blogs they read in an RSS feeder like Google Reader. So they only log into one page and it will tell them exactly who has updated their blog. BUT private blogs do not show up on these feeds.

If you update on here however, it will. Then your readers KNOW you have updated. Simply update your blog as per normal, then write a short post here....... I hope you'll jump onboard and do this. If all those with private blogs showed they updated here, then our readers will be very happy chappies because they have a one stop shop to see if their favourites have updated.

Step 1: Accept your invite to become a contributer. You will now see this blog in your list of blogs at your dashboard.

Step 2:
Each time you update your own blog, click on this one in your dashboard and write another short post saying "I've updated my private blog" and link to it.

Step 3:
Watch your readers come within a day of writing and not 4 weeks later.


crankybee said...

Good idea girl!

Note: must update blog soon!


Kate said...

This is such a great idea!

Miss Beck said...

Thanks girls. It was born out of frustration. I'd forget to read those of us with private blogs.

Don't forget to let your readers know that you will be 'updating' here and to add this to their feed burner.

Leighanne said...

Hey Beck - how do I add my private blog??