Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How to lose 53 years in 24 hours .....

If you know the answer please let me know – ASAP!!!!

I have had zero sleep these last few nights. As such the bags under my eyes are in danger of reaching my chin. My eyes feel like they are open only a couple of millimeters. To top if off I’ve found several more grey hairs this morning – hate to see how many there are when I can open my eyes properly!!!!! My legs are prickly and I need to shave under my arms.

Josh came back from his mum’s on Sunday dehydrated yet again – this time a touch of sunstroke. FFS! As such I was up from 3am the following morning never to get back to sleep. He was much better yesterday morning then when I get home from work yesterday he’s bawling his eyes out. Earache. Couldn’t stand it. So off to Primecare, got some antibiotics – poor little buggars eardrum was bulging – some painkillers and he came right straight away. Then this morning I woke up to him crying at 2am. Not because he was in any pain but because he couldn’t get to sleep. His legs were restless. Personally I think he was getting himself all worked up cause it was first day of school today. So up I get again, popped him in Krystals double bed and snuggled in, rubbed his back and off he goes to sleep. But oh no not me. I am awake. And that’s how I stay.

I am seriously considering getting some phenergan and giving him a dose tonight. Am I horrible. I don’t want to wake up tomorrow feeling like 100yrs like I did this morning. Because it’s my birthday and it’s bad enough knowing you’re another year older let alone feeling a lot older.

By god I tell you I’m feeling really sorry for myself right now.

So tonight it’s dye night, pluck night, shave night, mask night whatever you want to call it. Even a soak night.

Tomorrow it will be …..THE RISE OF THE PHOENIX!!!!!

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