Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Posting again - Kate

I've got my self sorted out and am back posting again. If I genuinely know you or you are on my facebook list - feel free to ask for an invite.



Jules said...

I would love an invite please darling Katey Pie.

Lisa said...

Hi Kate, Hope your new addition is settling in well. I would love an invite to your blog as i have missed reading about your darling girls as they grow up, but i understand that you may not know me that well so it's ok if you don't feel that you know me well enough to add me to the list.

Take care

Kelly said...

Hi Kate

I would love an invite too, I left a note on your facebook page a few weeks back to see if you were still posting - I can't wait to catch up on your girls and what's happening in your world.'
Kel xxx

goingferal(ish) said...

Kate, I used to read your blog all the time (Sam - I was amummylosingit). I'm not sure how to ask for access? Hope you and your girls are well (I now have four daughters!)

Anne said...

Hi Kate - Anne here - remember me! I would love an invite. I do miss reading about your girls and now realise you have another little one:-)

I've gone private - but can send you an invite to my blog.